How it all started...

High Praise Ministries was founded July 3 1994, by Pastors Dr. Dewayne A. Hill and Co- Pastor Parthia M. Hill. The ministry utilized rented space at 4200 Lake Road in Robbinsdale, Minnesota. As ministry needs grew, the High Praise family sought the Lord to enlarge the territory right in the heart of the Minneapolis, north side community, where Dr. Hill grew up. It is not by coincidence that 1130 N 7th Street would be the new home of this growing ministry of destiny.

The Destiny Center (DC) was established in 2003 to improve the quality of life of all cultural communities in education, leadership training, self development, family support groups, and spiritual guidance. The ‘DC’ is to be a resource within the community to direct and educate the people back to the Bible utilizing the doctrine of Christ and teachings of His word along with practical principles for everyday living. This enables all to maximize their potential in areas such as: housing, employment, and economic development. We currently offer the following programs:

High Praise Ministries, The Destiny Center has been a catalyst of change in many individual’s lives in the Twin Cities Metropolitan communities. Our most powerful resource and guide is the Holy Bible. We resolve that it gives clear preventive and responsive support for every issue known to mankind.

This ministry offers a spirit filled environment that is unprecedented in the Twin Cities Metropolitan area. The personality of our church is made up of multiple ethnic personalities that can reach all right where they are.