Apostle DeWayne &
Co-Pastor Parthia Hill

God has favored this man and woman of God with wisdom beyond their years along with a powerful revelation and understanding of His word. All who hear and partake of the revealed word released through this vessel have been challenged and forever changed.

It's a Big Deal!

High Praise Ministries, The Destiny Center has been a catalyst
of change in many individual’s lives in the Twin Cities Metropolitan communities.
Our most powerful resource and guide is the Holy Bible. We resolve that it gives clear
preventive and responsive support for every issue known to mankind.

How are we keeping members and visitors safe from COVID-19?

Here are four important ways we're protecting members and visitors from COVID-19.

1. COVID-19 screenings for all members and visitors.
2. Limiting the number of people on campus so it is easy to maintain social distancing.
3. Masking all members, visitors and staff
4. A science-based approach enhanced cleaning and sanitizing throughout the day on every surface.

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